Protecting Voting Rights


Government should preserve and protect the right to vote, not hamper it.

As your Congresswoman, Janet would support the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which allows a federal court to monitor states that have repeatedly infringed on voting rights. The Voting Rights Advancement Act is Congress’ response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby v. Holder, which struck down key provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and removed the opportunity for federal oversight. Currently, almost all of House Democrats have signed on in support of your rights, while no Republicans have.

Ohio has a number of restrictive laws, including a restrictive voter ID law, reduced early voting and weekend voting hours, and restricted absentee and provisional ballot rules. Ohio should lift the rules and make voting more accessible to citizens, not less, and encourage early and absentee voting. The federal government must take an active role in preventing states from curtailing American’s ability to vote.

Janet also opposes Ohio’s practice of purging its voter rolls for inactive voters. You have the right to vote in every election, whether or not you’ve voted in the last one. Currently, anyone who hasn’t voted in the last two years, doesn’t respond to a warning, and then doesn’t vote in the next four years is automatically unregistered. This violates the National Voter Registration Act and Ohio is currently being sued by the Phillip A. Randolph Institute for this infringement of basic rights, and the Supreme Court will hear it later this year. The Justice Department has recently filed a brief supporting this purge--a reversal from their stance under the Obama Administration. In Congress, Janet will work to ensure that all Ohioans, and citizens in every state, who are eligible to vote have the opportunity to vote.