Jim Jordan's Attacks on Working Americans

This week, the Supreme Court dealt a major blow to collective bargaining and workers’ rights, ruling that nonunion workers no longer have to pay fair-share fees in order to enjoy the protections that unions win for them. Now, anti-worker politicians like Jim Jordan will happily use this ruling to attack the security of working families. After all, it is Jim Jordan and his Freedom Caucus who have stymied legislation that would have actually helped workers over the last few years. And Jim Jordan consistently votes against the interests of real people across this country: according to the AFL-CIO, Jordan votes against the issues important to working families 96% of the time.

As this administration continues its attacks on workers, we need to get rid of obstructionist, anti-worker politicians like Jim Jordan and elect people who will show up at the table and work for us. We need a representative in Congress who won’t spend all his time chasing conspiracy theories and refusing to compromise on his hard-line agenda. It’s clear that Jim Jordan is not that Representative. If yesterday’s rant against Rod Rosenstein is any indication, he’s too caught up in his DC politics – and not nearly focused enough on the reality his constituents live on a daily basis – to do what needs to be done.

That’s why I’m running against Jim Jordan. As a former teacher and union leader, I understand the importance of collective bargaining and the strong negotiating skills that go into it – skills that Jim Jordan doesn’t have. Jim Jordan’s idea of compromise is when the Freedom Caucus negotiates with only slightly less extreme Republicans – and as we saw with the immigration bill debacle, they couldn’t even make that work. The thought of actually reaching across the aisle would never occur to them. The vast majority of Americans want people from both parties to at least attempt to find compromise with the other side. When you realize that Jim Jordan would sooner shut the whole government down than put in the work, it’s eye-opening.

I know that negotiating can be messy. And I know it is ultimately critical to giving American citizens a voice in our ever-changing country. I will bring that same commitment to honest negotiation to my time in Congress. My motto is “You go to the table with what you want, but you leave with what you can live with.” Compromise is at the root of our great democracy, and Jim Jordan and his Freedom Caucus cronies have done nothing but drag that value through the dirt in favor of their own rigid adherence to ideology.

As Representative, I will show up at the bargaining table and fight for all Americans – on healthcare, wages, infrastructure, and, yes, on your rights as a worker. I will do my darndest to make sure we walk away with a solution that works for all of us. And you won’t catch me making a buffoon out of myself on CNN.

Janet GarrettComment