Enhancing the American Education System

A lifelong special education and kindergarten teacher, Janet knows that education is a critical ladder for social mobility. That’s why education reform will be one of her top priorities in Congress, as she focuses on expanding opportunity from pre-k to college and ensuring that teachers have the resources to help their students the best ways they can.

Early Childhood Education

By the time children enter kindergarten, there are already wide achievement gaps on reading and cognitive assessment by racial and socioeconomic lines. Janet supports universal preschool and early childhood education to help close this gap, so every student starts kindergarten on the same level--ready to learn, not further behind. In Congress, Janet will fight for funding to expand Head Start and other early childhood education programs across the country.

Standardized Testing

In the age of high-stakes standardized testing, Janet believes that there is too much time in classrooms spent teaching to the test, which ultimately takes away from students’ time to learn. Janet supports education reform that moves away from high-stakes testing, and looks at other metrics for student achievement and improvement.

From her own classroom experience, Janet believes that teachers know their students better than anyone else can. Teachers should be empowered to have more autonomy in the classroom, to reflect their students’ individual needs and how they learn. Janet will push to allocate more funding to the classroom to give teachers the flexibility they need to teach their students how they know best.

Higher Education

Higher education is more important than ever to secure a good income and provide for one’s family. However, the cost of college is proving to be a barrier to many talented high school students, who will graduate college with an average of $30,000 in loans. Janet will work to increase federal student aid, and encourage legislation that will cap loan payments based on income. Janet will also push for tighter regulations on predatory student loans providers, many of which are being sued for unlawful practices.

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