PRESS RELEASE: Jim Jordan polls in newly-competitive Ohio district

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 12, 2018

Jim Jordan launches frantic poll in suddenly-competitive Ohio district

New Russia, Ohio – Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, who up to now has focused entirely on his campaign for Speaker of the House, has turned his attention to the homefront. In recent days, voters across Jordan’s sprawling Central Ohio district have received highly-weighted opinion calls posing favorable questions about the incumbent congressman and labeling moderate-Democrat and retired kindergarten teacher Janet Garrett a socialist.

“The call was very one-sided." said a New Russia resident who received a call and contacted the Garrett campaign. “Jim Jordan was described in glowing terms while Janet Garrett was labeled with words like socialist.”

Ohio’s 4th Congressional district was redrawn in 2012 to provide Jordan a safe Republican district. The gerrymandered, duck-shaped district encompasses five media markets and has been labeled “safe Republican” by the Cook Political Report. However, a surprisingly strong campaign by Garrett has attracted national attention. Consultant Joe Trippi, who orchestrated Doug Jones’ Alabama victory over Roy Moore in December, signed on in June, as have veterans of other successful Democratic campaigns. Garrett recently appeared at an event in Washington hosted by Senator Sherrod Brown and the entire Ohio Democratic delegation.

“Clearly, Jim Jordan is feeling the heat,” said Trippi. “He’s frantically polling to see how bad the damage is and testing attack messages. This isn’t something a comfortable incumbent does.”

“To call a kindergarten teacher a socialist because I support public education is low, even for Jim,” said Garrett, “but he’s right to be scared. I’ve been in all fourteen counties of this district and people are fed up with his partisan rhetoric. Washington is broken and Jim Jordan, after 24 years in elected office, is the problem, not the solution.”


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