Election Night Statement from Janet Garrett

It is clear to me tonight that I will not be the next representative for Ohio’s Fourth Congressional District. I am so grateful for the staff that has become like family and for the many dear friends and memories I have made running for this seat — these will stay with me for the rest of my life. For that, I am forever grateful.

For many supporters, my campaign started six months ago on a Tuesday night in May following the primary elections; for some, this campaign started over a year ago around a dining room table; and, for a select few, this has been a campaign that has been ongoing for over four years now. For me, this adventure began in 2012 when a Republican coalition in Columbus redrew the political landscape to gerrymander Jim Jordan into Lorain County.

Since 2012 many of us have organized to reject Jim Jordan’s politics of division and fear. We organized in places that seldom organized for Democrats before. We tried hard to pave the way for a candidate to run against Jim Jordan — that candidate was never supposed to be me.

This year, through our hard work and determination, we raised more money than any candidate ever has against Jim Jordan. We recruited more volunteers, knocked more doors, and inspired activism in every corner of OH-4. Oh yeah, and we scared Jim Jordan into spending $1.2 million on his reelection bid.

And so, while tonight did not go exactly the way we would have wanted it to go, please remember that tonight is only the beginning. I ask that all those who volunteered — those who did for the first time and those who have been with us from the start; know that there will be many who look to your leadership in 2020 when we make even further inroads in places where Democrats are told they cannot win.

In spite of these disappointing results, we’re not going to stop organizing. I certainly am not going anywhere. While this is the last time I will run for this seat, I plan to remain the activist I have always been. I hope that I’ll see you there at my side standing up for what is right.

In closing, I call upon Jim Jordan to change his style of leadership. I concede this election to him with the hope that he will hear the words of those he has failed to represent. I hope that if he continues to seek a leadership position in the Republican minority that he will abandon his politics of fear, division, and cynicism. Jim should seek to represent all Americans if he hopes to be in Congressional leadership. The American people deserve as much.

Janet GarrettComment