Democrats, now is not the time to get tired

I get it. We've been at this for months — some of us for over a year. I'm tired too.

November 6 — the most important midterm election of our lifetime — is 26 days away. This is the election we sought to sway many many months ago. This day is the reason we formed so many indivisible groups, organized so many rallies to demonstrate our anger, and that so many of us became politically active for the first time. The activism we have seen in the wake of the 2016 election is nothing short of exceptional.

The mobilization for 2018 is... not... yet.

To those of you who are mobilized and out knocking doors, making phonecalls, and writing your heart out on postcards — I thank you.

It's easy to think after witnessing so much activism that a blue wave will flood over Ohio and the rest of the country, but this narrative is breeding complacency and ultimately hurting us. All that we have done up until this point is incredible. BUT, the blunt reality is that protests ARE NOT electoral organizing. Calling your Senators does not translate to voter contacts.

We win when we organize. We win when we are so inspired that we throw on a campaign t-shirt and go knock on doors until we have blisters too painful to keep going. We win when we fly across the country to organize in swing states.

As Janet always says, we do not want to wake up on November 7th wishing we had done just a little more, given just a little more money, or had made just a few more phone calls.

There is still plenty of time to get our candidates elected and help move this country forward. All across Ohio we will be running GOTV trainings. With your help, we can make the Blue Wave happen—but it won't happen on its own.

We need your help. Please sign up for a shift in your county today at