Translating the GOP Tax Plan

This week Senate Republicans have continued their work to force a hastily crafted tax plan onto millions of Americans. After months of private meetings designed to create this tax plan in secret, senators and representatives like Jim Jordan have been actively obscuring the worst elements of the plan.

We thought we’d translate some of this deceptive language:

“It streamlines income tax brackets, reducing the number of brackets from seven to four.”

While this bill does simplify the tax code, this streamlining will most strongly benefit the most wealthy Americans who will also no longer pay the alternative minimum tax. This ensures that multi-billionaires will be able to pay less in taxes than middle class Americans.

“It nearly doubles the standard deduction”

What Jordan doesn’t mention is that this plan also eliminates essential deductions for medical expenses, student loans, and theft or loss of valuables. Just to make that clear, according to Jim Jordan you shouldn’t be allowed to deduct major medical expenses, student loans, or expenses arising from theft from your taxes; but don’t worry, if you are inheriting more than 5 million dollars republicans think you need a break. While students and patients struggle republicans have chosen to eliminate the estate tax for anyone inheriting under 11 million dollars and phase it out altogether after five years.

“The average family—regardless of their level of income—will see a tax cut under the provisions of H.R. 1.”

This is a clever way of saying: this plan only good for about half of the country…

I don’t know about Jim Jordan, but I am running to represent all of Ohio. A tax plan that slyly raises taxes on the middle class after 5 years causing taxes to go up for 60% of Americans (most of whom are in the middle class) is nothing to be proud of. Jim Jordan knows that this plan will predominantly benefit the richest people in this country, but he should be ashamed of a plan that makes life harder for 60% of America’s middle class.

“Please feel free to contact my office anytime at 202-225-2676 or online at with any other questions or concerns you may have.”

This one is simple. Over the last few weeks Jim Jordan has helped push this bill through congress before we could really understand the consequences. What else is he trying to hide? Call Jim Jordan and tell him that you are ashamed of this tax plan. Then, help us bring better representation to the 4th district and let him know that you’ll be voting Janet Garrett in 2018.

Janet GarrettComment