Statement on Jim Jordan's Hearing with AG Jeff Sessions

This morning, Jim Jordan took to the House floor to spew conspiracy theories about the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Jordan embarrassed the entire state of Ohio with his incoherent rant.

Even the Trump Administration admits that these accusations are not based in reality. Jordan asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “What’s it going to take to actually get a special counsel [to investigate the Clinton Campaign]?” Sessions stated,

“It would take a factual basis that meets the standards of the appointment of a special counsel.”

Jim Jordan has been peddling these conspiracy theories all over the media over the last several weeks, angrily calling for a special counsel. The fact that Jim Jordan brought those conspiracy theories to the floor of Congress undermines the integrity of the entire institution, and that is not acceptable.

As if Jim’s lies were not damning enough, he went on to attack Special Counsel Bob Mueller. Bob Mueller is a patriot and a servant of the American people. Shame on Jim for undermining Mueller’s ability to see through his investigation into the attack on our Democracy last November. Because that is what it was: an attack on our Democracy. No foreign power, whether they throw support behind Republicans or Democrats should EVER have an influence in our election. I continue to be disturbed every single day by Jordan’s ambivalence on this issue.

I am over Hillary Clinton’s loss. It was painful and I wish the result had been different, but we must move on and look to the future. Jim Jordan is unfit to serve Ohio and he must be held accountable next November.

Janet Garrett2 Comments