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Janet's Vision for Ohio's 4th District

Jim Jordan's Failure to Lead the 4th District

Janet is a retired teacher, Union member and lifetime member of the middle class. She is fed up with the gridlock, greed and incompetence in Washington. Janet believes our district deserves representation for the people, not the ultra-rich. She will fight for our children, our families, our seniors and the hardworking taxpayers of our district. Janet is not seeking a career as a politician - she is seeking to be a CHANGE AGENT for Washington! Janet believes that if you are a hard working person who plays by the rules, you deserve a decent life. 

Janet's Goals:

  • Fix our tax system that currently punishes the middle class
  • Fix our broken education system
  • Protect our local farms
  • Stop bad trade deals
  • Protect the financial system from Wall Street crooks
  • Get big money and corporations out of government

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Jim Jordan has been a career politician for over 20 years (since 1994!) He has been in Washington, D.C. for 10 of those years and has collected over $1.7 million in tax-payer money as his salary in that time, while voting against a minimum wage increase for Americans who actually work. In 10 years, he has had ZERO legislative successes and has become a mouthpiece for the rich and powerful. Over 88% of his campaign donations come from Fat Cats outside of the 4th District! He is the chief voice for gridlock in the House. Who is he actually serving? 

Jim Jordan's Record:

  • Voted NO on raising the minimum wage
  • Voted NO on equal pay for women
  • Voted NO on the Highway Bill
  • Voted NO on the Farm Bill
  • Voted NO on negotiating lower drug prices for Medicare
  • Voted NO on the auto rescue that saved Ohio jobs

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Janet's Story

"Those that are the least lovable, need the most love". -Norma Jean Bishop

Janet Garrett was born in Troy, Ohio in 1953. The daughter of an educator, she decided at the age of twelve that she wanted to be a teacher. Her mom gave her the best advice, "those that are the least lovable, need the most love." This became her motivation to teach children with the greatest challenges. 

After earning her bachelor's degree from Kent State, Janet began her teaching career in Wakeman. Three years into teaching, Janet felt a strong desire to serve her country and volunteered to teach in the peace corp. She was assigned to a tiny island in Micronesia where she experienced life outside of the United States. This experience made her think deeply about her country's democracy. When she returned home, she completed her Master's Degree and began teaching in Columbia Station.

Janet worked with children and their families in various local school districts throughout Lorain County and in 1991 took a job in Oberlin teaching special education. During the latter years of her career she taught kindergarten where she discovered she could have the greatest impact on her students. 


"The best approach to mediation is understanding that both sides of the table have very strongly held beliefs and both sides must be willing to set goals to find common ground". -Janet 

While teaching, Janet felt a strong urgency to become politically active in the teachers union and served for over twenty years on the executive council. She was elected president of that union and served to negotiate contracts on behalf of professional teachers in her local district. Janet learned that the best approach to mediation is understanding that both sides of the table have very strongly held beliefs and both sides must be willing to set goals to find common ground. 

As a citizen, Janet has always been involved as a political activist. She has volunteered in many Democratic Presidential campaigns dating back to 1988 - when she managed a local campaign office for Michael Dukakis. In 2008, Janet worked as a volunteer for Barack Obama and in 2012 organized over 80 volunteers to canvass Wellington, a Republican leaning city south of Oberlin. 

In 2011, the Republican led apportionment board redistricted the fourth congressional district into Lorain County. This resulted in the loss of two Democratic Congressional members and split Lorain County which has historically been a Democratic land-lock. After the lines were drawn for the new district, many constituents in Lorain County were disappointed to learn that they would be represented by the least effective member in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Jim Jordan

Janet along with several other concerned citizens formed a group called the Jordan Watch and began to oppose the Congressman and his attacks on American civil liberties and woman's rights. They soon discovered the list of egregious votes by the Congressman as there were too many to name and the group began to clear the way to find a Democrat who could run against Jordan. 


Janet was disconcerted that Jordan would run unopposed. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur encouraged Janet to run as a write-in candidate before the 2014 Primary.

After Jim Slone's defeat in 2012, the group continued to look for a formidable candidate able to unseat Jordan. In the early spring of 2014, Janet attended a woman's conference in Cleveland, Ohio in which she sought the guidance of her former beloved Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Janet was disconcerted that Jordan would run unopposed. Congresswoman Kaptur encouraged Janet to run as a write-in candidate before the 2014 Primary. Janet never thought she would be the candidate and struggled to campaign while working full-time as a kindergarten teacher in Oberlin. She was defeated in 2014, but her spirit and motivation to fight had been awakened. She retired from teaching in June of 2015 and has dedicated herself to understanding the problems in this district and waging a winning campaign. 

Currently she resides with her husband Mike Garrett in Oberlin and has three adult children, Ariel, Natael, and Mira. 


"It was never my life-long dream to run for Congress, I am running because we must fix the priorities in this district and help move our nation forward." - Janet