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On the Issues

As big money and special interests corrupt decision making in Washington, our country has continued to move further away from a common sense agenda.

I embrace a platform of change that is reasoned with common sense and grounded in family values.

I'm committed to running a substantive campaign. That's why, every week, I do an in-depth analysis on an important issue facing Ohioans. Sign up here to receive The Sunday Issue. To view past editions, click here.


Combating the Opioid Epidemic


The opioid crisis has torn apart families in Ohio. Every single day 14 Ohioans overdose on opioids, and this number is rising - Ohio’s opioid death toll saw a 33% increase between 2015 and 2016 alone. For too long, Rep. Jim Jordan has been willfully negligent of the problem, averse to using any government funds to address the issue. I pledge to make curing the opioid epidemic a national priority and will support federal legislation that combats the epidemic head on. The plan will provide funding to support treatment and rehabilitation programs, while also tackling prevention through community organizing, public education campaigns, and increased law enforcement and judicial programs that are designed to heal addicts and protect society.


Protecting Union Rights


I believe that all hard-working Ohioans have a right to the American Dream and that reliable and steady employment is necessary to achieve that dream. I will defend the rights of workers all across the nation and in Ohio. As a former president and long time executive board member of the Oberlin Ohio Education Association, I have a long history fighting for worker rights of those teaching our children. Corporations have always had the right to a profit, but they should not have the right to exploit American workers. In Congress, I will fight against the big money interests and for fair wages and stronger protections for unions.


Rebuilding Ohio's Infrastructure


Ohio has an infrastructure crisis. Every year the average Ohioan spends an extra $475 driving on roads that are poorly maintained. We live near 362 dams across the state that are at “high hazard” level; however, only 72% of our state regulated dams have an emergency action plan. Nearly 2,000 bridges across the state are structurally deficient. We must fix our aging infrastructure and we must make bold, new investments if we hope to make our economy competitive in the 21st century. In Congress I will be a voice for fixing Ohio's roads and bridges, protecting our hospitals and schools, and for expanding the promise of the 21st century economy, without cutting cutting corners and putting families at risk.


Supporting Ohio's Farmers


Agriculture has always been vital to the well-being of the people of Ohio. Not only do our vast agricultural resources provide stable jobs for many hard working families, but the agricultural products that originate in our state help to feed the entire world. Agriculture is a complex industry that depends on science, technology, international trade, labor and so much more--effective agriculture policy must understand these complexities. Because of the multifaceted approach necessary to support successful farming, I support robust and extensive funding for the Farm Bill among other important initiatives.


Protecting Voting Rights

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Big moneyed interests have a headlock on our democracy. Every American citizen who is eligible to vote should not only have the right to do so, but our government should make voting easy and accessible. Congress must pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act and ensure the fair and just protection of minorities and senior voters that Republicans work so hard to exclude. We should support measures that seek to register voters automatically when they turn 18. We have the technology to modernize registration and securely streamline the voting process. The future of our democracy depends on every American citizen’s right to vote, regardless of where they live or how much money they have.


Enhancing the American Education System

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Education is the most important ladder to opportunity. That’s why I chose to become a special education and kindergarten teacher, so that I could make a difference in students’ lives. But even by kindergarten, I noticed gaps in students’ knowledge. One of the main reasons I am running for office is so that all of Ohio’s children have access to quality education, so that they can thrive in the American workforce and compete in the global economy.


Doing Right by Our Veterans


The VA health care system treats some 9 million veterans annually. Surveys indicate that most are satisfied with the care. But the system is not without its problems – including aging facilities and inefficient practices. Its problems came under a microscope after a 2014 scandal over unauthorized waiting lists and long-delayed care, and these problems were the subject of both a major consultant study and a report by a congressional commission. How we address the VA’s problems today will determine whether the nation meets its obligation to our veterans tomorrow. And there’s real danger for veterans in the approach being taken by the president, who campaigned on the promise that he’d do “great” things for our veterans.


Promoting Fair Trade

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When crafting trade deals, Congress must prioritize America’s many complex interests above all else, and ultimately ensure that Americans have access to safe, good-paying jobs. Americans all across the country, including right here in Ohio, have begun to face the grim reality that the economic ladder leading to the middle class is broken. By understanding the complexities of international trade and using its economic power to our advantage, I will support policies that pave the way for every Ohioan to achieve the American Dream.


Achieving Universal Healthcare

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The Affordable Care Act marks a major win for working families in this country. Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and young people can remain on their parents health coverage until age twenty-six. While this landmark legislation has helped millions of people, there remain millions more that still do not have health care coverage because they are in poverty. Every American should have a choice of buying health insurance through Medicare or private insurers, which would provide competition for insurance companies and more options for consumers. Currently, there is bi-partisan support for this in Congress, and we need to move forward and ensure all Americans have access to quality affordable healthcare.