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On the Issues

Our representatives in Washington have spent so much time arguing over who is right that they’ve forgotten about what is really important to everyday people.

We are all ready for change, and that means focusing on the issues that affect people in Ohio’s 4th District every day -- and not getting sidetracked by partisan bickering.


Medicare for All

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While the Affordable Care Act has helped millions of people, there are millions more that still do not have health care coverage. Every American should have affordable health insurance through Medicare or private insurance. Janet is ready to take on insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies to pass Medicare for All, so that affordable, quality healthcare is a reality for everyone.


Protecting Workers Rights


All hard-working Ohioans have a right to the American Dream, and reliable and steady employment is necessary to achieve that dream. As a former president of the Oberlin Ohio Education Association who has fought hard for workers’ rights at the negotiating table, Janet has the experience we need to fight for stronger protections for our unions and a higher minimum wage.


Rebuilding Ohio's Infrastructure


Ohio has an infrastructure crisis. 362 dams across the state are at “high hazard.” Nearly 2,000 bridges across the state are structurally deficient. A 21st century infrastructure plan will create thousands of jobs and strengthen our economy for generations to come. In Congress, Janet Garrett will be a voice for fixing Ohio's roads and bridges, protecting our hospitals and schools, and for expanding the promise of the 21st century economy.


Protecting the Rights and Safety of Women

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Janet is committed to fighting for common sense reform that will prohibit domestic abusers from owning guns and put a stop to the 50 women a month who are shot and killed in the U.S. by a domestic partner. Janet believes it is long past time for women to get equal pay for equal work and that we should expand paid family leave. In Congress, she will fight for equal pay, stand up to attacks on women’s health care, and improve protections for women who are the victims of harassment and sexual assault.


Combating the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid crisis is tearing families apart across the country. Every single day in Ohio, 14 people overdose on opioids -- and this number is only rising. Janet supports programs that are designed to heal addicts and protect society, including funding for treatment and rehabilitation, community organizing, and public education campaigns.

Preparing Our Kids for the Future

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Education is the most important ladder to opportunity, which is why Janet became a kindergarten and special education teacher. But even by kindergarten, some kids have already fallen behind. All of Ohio’s children deserve access to quality education so they can thrive in the American workforce and compete in the global economy. We need to fix our school funding formula to make sure the quality of your education isn’t determined by your ZIP code, implement universal preschool and early childhood education, and give more autonomy to teachers in the classroom -- including allowing them to teach our children for the future, not for a test.


Supporting Ohio's Farmers


Agriculture is vital to the people of Ohio. By supporting family farms, working to streamline government regulations, and defending fair trade agreements, we can ensure the prosperity of Ohio’s agriculture sector for years to come. And Janet believes we must end the trade war that is crippling our family farmers.


Protecting the People’s Interests, not Special Interests

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Big moneyed interests have a deathgrip on our democracy -- and they, along with the elected officials they’ve purchased, want to make it harder for Americans to vote. Janet believes voting should be easy and accessible to every American citizen. Congress must pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act and ensure the fair and just protection of minorities and senior voters that Republicans work so hard to exclude. The future of our democracy depends on every American citizen’s right to vote, regardless of where they live or how much money they have.


Doing Right by Our Veterans


The VA health care system treats 9 million veterans annually. But the system isn’t working the way it needs to, and isn’t getting the leadership that our veterans deserve. Addressing the VA’s problems today will ensure that our nation always meets our obligations to our veterans.