Family Values


In running for public office, I’m asking for your trust. Trust is built on shared values. My values are straightforward.

They’re about our kids, family and community. They’re about fostering the opportunity to excel. And they’re about feeling secure and confident about our future.

My values are deeply rooted in Ohio. As a classroom teacher for 35 years, I’ve devoted my working life to helping generations of Ohio children succeed. My work as a teacher was about supporting kids, their families and our communities. I thought of it as my service to the public.

Teaching young children, watching them grow, and seeing them set roots in vibrant communities inspired the optimism I still hold. Throughout my time as a teacher, our schools taught not only math, English, the sciences, history and other subjects, but they taught that hard work brings rewards. Schools reinforced family values: honesty, integrity, respect, fairness, playing by the rules. These are the values I will bring with me to Washington.

I’m committed to fighting to restore and strengthen the values we hold dear. I’ll work with like-minded representatives in Congress to push policies that reflect these family values. I’ll support measures to improve our schools and fight for programs to enable kids to go to college or tech schools without bankrupting their families. I’ll work to establish policies to strengthen our communities and help assure an economic base that provides good, well-paying jobs. I’ll fight for fair treatment of working men and women.

Jim Jordan likes to throw the phrase “family values” around a lot, but his record on that score is absolutely NOT family-friendly. When key votes are cast, Jordan’s too often on the wrong side

  • Jordan voted YES for huge tax breaks for big corporate donors. That’s not family-friendly!
  • Jordan voted YES to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. That’s saddling our children and grandchildren with backbreaking debt!
  • Jordan voted YES for cutting medical care for seniors and the disabled. That will devastate many Ohio families!
  • Jordan says, “YES,” to the President, while turning a blind eye to the President’s lying and immorality. Those aren’t the values we teach our kids!

Don’t buy Jim Jordan’s empty words about protecting and defending family values. He’s wrong for families and wrong for Ohio’s fourth congressional district.