Empower Unions to Protect Workers


Janet believes that all hard-working Ohioans have a right to the American Dream...

...and that reliable and steady employment is necessary to achieve that dream. Janet will defend the rights of workers all across the nation and in Ohio. As a former president and long time executive board member of the Oberlin Ohio Education Association, Janet has a long history fighting for worker rights of those teaching our children. Corporations have always had the right to a profit, but they should not have the right to exploit American workers. In Congress, she will fight against the big money interests and for fair wages and stronger protections for unions.

Right-to-Work Laws

When Janet was president of her teacher’s union, saw first hand the harm of right-to-work laws. These laws are deceptive; they don’t entitle a citizen to a job, but instead, they undermine the legitimacy of unions in workplaces. These laws reduce the union’s collective bargaining rights, which ultimately lead to lower wages and worse working conditions.

Card Check

Janet supports the card check policy of signing up for unions. This is a better policy than secret ballot elections, because it take coercive power out of employer’s hands. For too long, corporations could abuse employees and force them to reject unions by running stern anti-union campaigns, while threatening workers. A card check allows for people to sign up without any campaigning, and more importantly, without fear of retribution.